Friday, October 10, 2014

DAY 67-- The Ultimate Day!

Great day for a bike ride! For our start, we drove back to Bucksport, where Steve had picked us up yesterday. Closely watched the maps all day. We hit 4000 miles in Ellsworth! Oddly enough, we were right next to a little bakery, so in we went for cinnamon rolls, and muffins to take along.
We still had plenty of hills and many views of the ocean. We arrived at our final destination, Bar Harbor, in early afternoon, a total of 4029 miles. WOO HOO! We rode through the town to the marina where we dipped our bike tires in the Atlantic Ocean. (Immediately after I dipped my tire, a wave came up and soaked my feet, which Lonna found very amusing.) We met up with Steve who drove us along the very scenic loop road to our campsite in Acadia National Park. After setting up camp, we headed back to town for a celebratory dinner of shrimp and scallop Alfredo for Steve, baked stuffed haddock for Lonna, and chicken parmigiana for me. (We aren't fans of lobster.) Following dinner we sauntered down Main Street which had stores and galleries open for an art walk.
As Lonna put it "What a long, strange trip it's been!"
Our final banana break.



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  1. What fun it has been to watch and see your ride across the country. Glad you all made safe and healthy.