Thursday, October 2, 2014

DAY 61--We love you, Granny!

Started off in a foggy mist, into beautiful hills. The trees are in full autumn color now. We took a short ferry across the river to VERMONT, state #10! We had a nice chat with 3 Harley riders who were also taking the ferry. Vermont seems to be even more scenic (hilly) than New York. For the first time on the entire journey, both of us finally got down to our very lowest Granny gears (1/1) to get up Middlebury Gap.
We have been fortunate with the weather so far. It is usually cool when we take off (around 45-50 degrees) and gradually warms up throughout the day. This makes for an interesting routine each morning as we try to decide what to wear. We always have bike shorts/yoga pants and our biking shoes. Beyond that, we have some combination of biking socks or wool socks, short sleeve or long sleeve jersey, long sleeve t-shirt over the jersey, waterproof jacket, short-finger or full-finger gloves, wool cap under our helmets, warm biking tights/pants or waterproof pants, neck warmer, waterproof/warm booties over our shoes, and sunglasses.* As we ride along, we gradually remove layers as it warms up and load them into the pannier or bungee them to the bike. Today Lonna lost her beloved biking tights when they jumped ship somewhere along the way (probably on one of the fast and bumpy downhills).
We camped slightly off the route near Rochester in a lovely National Forest Campground.
*We were very lucky with the weather being warmer than we had expected it to be by this point. We never had to use our winter gear--fleece vest, ultra-heavy gloves, etc.

Lonna's favorite sign.

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