Thursday, October 9, 2014

DAY 65--Whoopie!

Had a little rain in the morning, off and on, then mostly a cloudy and chilly day with some wind. Still good for riding! Continued on small, hilly roads. As we progress farther east, the roads become more twisting and meandering, undoubtedly due to the fact that there is now so much water to navigate around. This makes it much more challenging for us to be sure we are on our designated route. Also, there are signs saying, for example, "Welcome to Newton" when you enter the township of Newton, but the town is nowhere nearby, frequently not even on the same road. This caused us to stop several times to check the map to make sure we hadn't taken a wrong turn or missed a turn.
Stopped at a bike shop so Lonna could replace the bite valve on her camelbak, which she last several days ago. We made our usual stop for muffins. We have discovered that Maine is the center of the universe for whoopie pies! These are two soft cookies with a layer of white creamy goo in between. Decadent! Whoopie pies are sold in every place we have stopped in Maine-- cafes, gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores-- and they come in a wide variety of flavors including the traditional chocolate, maple, and (my favorite) pumpkin.
It also seems that the primary industry in Maine is antiques. There is an antique store on every corner.
The scenery continues to be stunning, although the autumn colors aren't quite as far along here as they were in VT and NH. We were on many roads that followed rivers, and had a couple of river crossings.
We camped a couple of miles off the route at the Duck Puddle Campground on  Pemaquid Lake.

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