Thursday, October 9, 2014

DAY 64--The Maine Thing

We had rain overnight, and guess what-- another foggy start to the day, riding into beautiful hills. We have been very fortunate that the rain has not continued into the days.
17 miles into the day we entered MAINE--our 12th and final state! We stopped in at the visitor's center where they were handing out little Paula red apples. We took some for the road.
We went through a lot of picturesque little towns, built all over the colorful hills, with the traditional white-steepled churches and more colonial style homes. We stopped at a cafe that served muffin tops (for all you Seinfeld fans), which they warmed on the grill and slathered with butter. Lonna was in heaven. I opted for fresh apple pie.
One thing we discovered is that both Vermont and Maine prohibit billboards. Instead there are small blue interstate information style signs for local businesses. This makes the ride SO much more pleasant and attractive!
Camped at a private campground next to the Ranger Ponds State Park, near Poland.

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