Thursday, October 2, 2014

DAY 62--Friends along the way

Had another foggy morning start, near the river, but eventually it burned off. We spent the day continually climbing and descending many sharp hills along the Connecticut River. The fall colors are spectacular!
About halfway through the day we met up with Ross Goodwin-Brown, a high school friend of ours who had ridden out to see us. He rode with us the rest of the day (well, he rode well ahead of us for quite a bit of it) and we had a great visit.
We made it through Vermont and into NEW HAMPSHIRE! It's just as hilly here as Vermont. Saw a couple of covered bridges along the route. The nice thing about riding the back roads is that they are quieter with less traffic and often a beautiful route. The downside is that the roads often are not maintained very well, and of course they don't attempt to ease up the grade like they do on major highways.
Today was the warmest day we have had in quite some time, and with the exertion of all that climbing, by the end of the day we were looking for ice cream. There was none to be found in Orford, the small town where we were camping, so we rode across the bridge back to Fairlee, Vermont, where we found an excellent little ice cream stand.
Ross stayed around to enjoy dinner with us (our usual sandwiches from the cooler) before taking off.

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